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Anything Box will always be a mystery. Why? Because even though this page can tell you how they got their name from the title of an obscure Science Fiction story, or that they use synthesis and computers to create the what the New York Village Voice called, "Some of the loveliest and most cunningly arranged pop music around..." it won't give you the whole picture. It cannot.

Picture the Beatles getting together with Joy Division to play a party to honour Kraftwerk, and you may get a hint of this magic. Some people have even suggested time travel as the secret to their chameleon ways. But that's impossible, or at least cannot be proven.

Claude S. is the leader. He describes himself as a surrealist and noisician. With Paul Rjinders and Dania Morales at his side, this chemistry plays out like a painting Dali or Ernst might have been proud of. Everything blurs on stage. Those beats are loud.

But enough words. Aren't they meaningless anyway when it comes to music? Take a little time, and get to know them yourself. Your subconcious will thank you for the chance. Are you ready for a trip? It may take you forward, or backwards as it were. Listen, feel the pulse, and search your imagination.


--- ERROR!

--- !!! NEWS!!!

Portal was left open. The timelines are not clear. Please refer to The Document entitled, 'Fan Tapes & Time Travel' for possible solution. There is also the matter of the release of the Future Past EP, which features Carmen in two languages. This also needs to be investigated. There has been iTunes and CDBaby infiltration as well. This music has been known to cause emotions, therefore it is imperative to stop....

--- END PARTICLE BEAM 231X.23645

Quieres ver esta pagina en español?

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