Anything Box

Hello. I see you found the site. Or did it find you? That’s the mystery of all this music, art, and friendship. Part of you, part of me. As above, so below. Explore, but be warned: This music leads to emotion.

Who is Abox?

The robot says: Anything Box is the electronic music persona of Claude S. The music is pensive yet energetic. Lyrically and musically, the songs explore the inner and outer regions of human beingness. Imagine Kraftwerk, Joy Division, and Giorgio Moroder recording together at Abbey Road and you'll get an idea of the Abox sound. Maybe. Or just think happy-sad electro-music you can think and dance to. Maybe it's all in your head.


Part of You

I feel the most connected to the music and each other when I get to play it for you. It isn't always about the screaming and jumping. It is also sharing in the stories you tell me, things you show me, and the love I feel from all of you. I personally love playing so much that it hurts when I don't. This is how special it is to be part of YOU.

~ Claude S.


Part of me is the music.

The album Distances was supposed to be the next Anything Box album, and due to some internal pressure I released it as "Claude".
Distances reveals itself to few, but was recorded for everyone who loves Anything Box.

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Shows: Let's share in the Abox experience!

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